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Theatre NM
This opportunity is for those who are members of Theatre NM
Become a member
for more information please contact
Ms. Kayt Peck, CFRE

Please submit the following information to
Ms Kayt Peck at
Your Name
Your email
A contact Phone number
The type of play:
One act, Three Act, 10 minute
Musical, Other

A short summary/Synopsis of the play, 700 words or less
Additional supporting images, references, online or attached files
Your disclaimer this is your orginal script with any conditions of use.
If you have any questions please contact Ms Kayt Peck
If you can create a PDF with all the information that would be best then attach the file to the email.
Submitting Your Plays
Calling all Theatre NM  Playwrights
In its ongoing effort to support quality theatre programs in the State of New Mexico, Theatre New Mexico offers this opportunity for both the many talented playwrights in the state who are members of Theatre New Mexico and for theatre companies wishing to include original plays as a part of their performance repertoire.

Playwrights wishing to post information about available scripts can submit the title, a synopsis of no more than seven hundred (700) characters, their contact information, and existing links about themselves as playwrights or their work via the link below.  

Each submission may include a graphic image, when available, that is relevant to the featured script.  

That information will then be posted on this TNM website.
Theatre companies are encouraged to contact playwrights directly should they be interested in producing one of those plays.  

This opportunity is for playwrights who are members of TNM only.
Anyone interested in becoming a TNM member can do so here.

Playwrights must verify that they hold the copyright to any script posted!!
Submissions are accepted from current or past New Mexico residents only.

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